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Bishop Hill Road - Belvedere - Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten’s Parotte Ville Bird Park is one of those secret gems tucked away in the island’s interior. You won’t find a website for Parotte Ville, but word of mouth travels fast enough to keep the visitors coming in. Come with us and discover the magic of tropical birds in paradise!

Get a tour and see all the different species of birds, such as: Sun Conure, Ring Neck Parakeet, Brown Throated Conure, Black Headed Caique and more…

As soon as you step in the gate, you will be greeted by George the owner, who always give a little tour of the park. He begin by introducing you to each species and handing cups of bird seed.

You don’t find stuff like this everywhere. It’s amazing to get to hold parrots and see these birds up close! It teaches kids to appreciate nature and to treat wildlife with respect.

It can be also a great place for celebrating birthdays or any kids event.

You can also visit the Heritage Museum, where you can see many items that exists for over 100 years. These are items that where being used bu the ancestors of the islands, such as Coal Pot, Old Scale, Iron…
After seing all those historical items and the photos of the fruits we enjoyed for years, you might just want to visit our refreshment bar, where you can purchase one of our tasty smoothies and several cool drinksin a relaxed atmosphere.

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