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Bush Road #79 - Prime Plaza Unit #6 - Philipsburg -Sint Maarten


At DAM Caribbean, we offer comprehensive support throughout every stage of the design process in the built environment. From concept development and early feasibility studies to project development, visioning, and master planning, we provide expertise and visuals that bring your ideas to life. Our services extend from architecture and interior design to project supervision and delivery, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.


Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We work closely with our network of associates in various fields, including interior design, archeology, geology, civil engineering, structural engineering, MEP engineering, coastal and port engineering, and landscape and urban design. By leveraging this diverse expertise, we deliver holistic solutions that integrate seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

With over 10 years of experience, DAM Caribbean has grown into a vibrant, cross-disciplinary team consisting of local employees and international partners. Our values of sustainability, creativity, and craftsmanship shape our approach to the built environment. We strive to create lasting structures that are adaptable to the future, leaving a positive impact on our community.

Our commitment to excellence extends to project management and supervision. We can and like to take on the responsibility of overseeing projects on behalf of our clients, ensuring that the construction process adheres to the highest standards of quality.

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At DAM Caribbean, we bring value to each project through meticulous analysis, site surveys, drone surveys, point clouds, market surveys, and field studies. We prioritize close involvement with our clients and execute well-designed solutions that stand the test of time. To facilitate effective communication, we employ chat boxes, artist impressions, videos, clean breakdown overviews, and virtual reality, ensuring a seamless understanding of the design vision.

Our company is formally founded in 2013 and is owned and directed by Wouter Schipper. We are registered at the Chamber of Commerce under registration number #21699.

360 Virtual Reality Service

Historically clients had to await the spatial experience that was envisioned by the architect until the design was actually constructed. During the design process, architectural perspective drawings and scale models supported that spatial translation from architect to client. Until January 2020, when DAM Caribbean N.V. introduces clients to 360 Virtual Reality Services!

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By factually seeing the design, the streets, the interior and the details through 360 Virtual Reality Service, clients encounter that spatial experience already during the design process! This innovation gets rid of questions that are difficult to answer with the traditional media and with this technique, a higher quality of design output is being met. It also serves great for larger and more complex project teams, where multiple stakeholders are involved, all with different vision.

360 Virtual Reality Service at DAM brings architecture, interior, landscaping, urban- and master planning design, closer to you than ever before!

You are most welcome at our office, come and experience 360 Virtual Reality Services now!

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